What is Deep Sea Diving?

Deep sea diving can be at various depths but traditionally it is when you scuba dive at a depth below 40 meters or in the USA better known as 130 Ft. Think of that as a 13 story building except you are under water. the water gets colder, darker, and the truly crazy things starts to appear. Check out this video that details how deep the ocean can be.

I love this video because it shows the depth of the ocean. Without visual support it is so hard to truly communicate how big the ocean really is. What I love about scuba diving is that I will experience something new every time that I dive. This experience is multiplied when I lead diving sessions with other people. Even if i have been to a particular diving spot before it is always a new experience because of the new group of people. The questions they ask are unique and trigger new fresh conversations.

What I love about being a deep sea diving guide and sharing my passion for scuba diving with other people is that they make each experience fresh and knew. Scuba diving takes courage, an adventurous spirit, and the ability to overcome your fears. But, it is so worth it. I have a friend who is a sky diving guide, and he says it sounds like it is similar. In todays culture we stay inside our comfort zone, and what sky diving and scuba diving both provide is the opportunity to go way beyond your own natural comfort zone and experience something so rare and knew that it will stick with you for the rest of your life.

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