The Land, Sky, & Ocean

Today was an interesting day. I experienced the sky, during my flight from Florida to Baja California. Land when I was walking around, duh. And the sea when I finished the day with a scuba dive for some fresh lobster. We went night scuba diving for lobster. This way my first time lobster diving. As an experienced scuba diver I thought this would be easy. Well let me tell you this was not easy. It was incredibly difficult.

It all starts with positioning. If you want to be able to catch the lobster you have to make sure they don’t have an easily available escape route. If they do, they are much quicker than you anticipate. But if you can cut off that exit route then you stand a chance to make a great catch. You are better off setting your trap up and allowing the lobster to walk right into your trap. This makes your job easier and it also simplifies the amount of energy you expend on a per lobster basis.

Something else to keep in mind is the habitat where you are hunting. While catching a lobster is an awesome experience you shouldn’t destroy and entire reef or coral bed just so you can have a great dinner. These habitats can be fragile and are vulnerable to your weight if you are not careful. These habitats also support numerous sea life, that which you see and that which you don’t see, so please be aware and be careful when hunting lobster.

When I went lobster hunting the first time it was already late at night. Lobsters are more active at night so we were diving with lights. Diving at night is an entirely different experience. It is almost eery but it an exciting way. The lobsters tend to hide in cracks and would scurry around when the light would expose their position. We caught a handful of lobster and needless to say we enjoyed a great fresh dinner that next night.

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