Swimming with Sharks

I have gone deep sea diving all over the world. But one of my top experiences is anytime I get to swim with sharks. It doesn’t matter how many times I have done it before it always terrifies me. The simple thought that if the shark chose to eat me alive and shred me to pieces, there would be almost nothing I could do about it.

Not all sharks all equal…some scare the shit out of you….unfortunately I know 🙁

What surprised me the most about sharks wasn’t just the power they exhibit, but the grace. They effortlessly move about in the water. When you think about the fact that some sharks will traverse across an entire ocean to return to breeding ground is insane. The miles they cover, sometimes with very little food is inspiring. In this video, you see the sheer size of the shark next to an adult.

What I love about this video that ABC covered was the sheer size of the shark, but its grace and how sharks aren’t constantly attacking and eating everything in there path. I would have loved to have been in the water with these other divers on this extraordinary day. This was a once in a lifetime experience for these divers. This shark had not even been scene in over five years and who knows when we will see the shark again.

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