Sea Turtles

One of the deep sea’s longest inhabitants. Some experts believe that sea turtles have been roaming the vast warm oceans for millions of years. While I have only been on this great world for 4 decades, I love swimming with sea turtles. As I take people on scuba diving expeditions, a sea turtle is a great place to start. The first time people go scuba diving they are incredibly scared on the vast ocean. Most people have done basic reef snorkling, or simple swimming in the waves of the beach, so the first time the jump off a boat into the deep sea it takes their breathe away and can really be an incredibly intimidating experiences.

When you are 60 miles off the coast, no land in sight it is easy to suddenly feel incredibly vulnerable. Deep sea turtles although incredibly big are a friendly animal out in the deep sea. I have found they can be the perfect transition for first time divers to be in the water with something they feel is safe.

Sea turtles can migrate as far as 1,400 miles to cove the distance between where they breed and where they feast. Many one of the reasons I enjoy sea turtles so much is that we seem to enjoy the same food “shrimp”. What many people do not realize is that sea turtles are in danger for multiple reasons, oil in the water, and the massive amounts of trash that is finding its way into our vast and beautiful oceans. I recently took a family on a deep sea diving trip and i tried to recruit them to help clean the ocean. The funny thing is the dad owns a house cleaning services company. We laughed about it, but the truth is we all need to start doing our own part to help keep our oceans clean.

It actually turned into a great moment with his kids where we . were able to talk about some of the most commons trash pieces that make their way into the ocean. We talked about the damage of plastic and the importance of reducing how much plastic we use. What I loved about this family, is after their trip when they got home, there mom sent me a picture of tubber ware that they began to use so they could eliminate the plastic bags they had been using for their lunch. What i really loved is it was the kids idea. They were the ones that remembered the conversation we had out on that boat miles off the coast of Florida.

What I wish people fully understood is the trash they throw out has a chance to make its way into the ocean and onto our great beaches. Look at the picture above. That is not what any of us want to see when we take our annual vacation to a beautiful beach. I promise you that isn’t a part of the dream vacation. But if we each do our part the difference that we can make is a huge difference.

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